[Phoenix,AZ ] @Qiayz, Unsigned MC releases her new single “Somewhere in AmeriQa”

Qiayz La Beastress is one dope female mc on the rise. She has been known to hold it down for Phoenix HipHop for some time with her explicit, sexualized lyrics making it clear that there are more than just men bringing the heat in Phoenix HipHop. Qiayz has built her fan base from scratch, a hard worker that’s demanding respect, collaborating with many A-List Arizona Artist in the game, but yet still managing to have that sound you remember.

Staying consistent in her game Qiayz, is now getting ready to drop her self titled mix tape, “Meena Lagna”. Here on “Cache Talks..”  we have her first debuted single titled ” Somewhere in AmeriQa” that’s definitely bringing some noise!

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Check it out below :

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