[Chandler, Arizona] #YKTS MMP Unsigned Rap Group debuts video “Fast Lane Cruisin” off upcoming Mixtape “Year of the Squad”

This talented group is strongly making a stamp on the map!


Mad Men Productions introduced YKTS to us back in 2007, a group that ranges from Uptown Philadelphia to Chandler,AZ. Dropping  their latest mixtape  “Year of the Squad” in mid july, including hit singles, Fast Lane Cruisin, Wish Me Well, and Hall Of Fame just to name a few. United they stand possessing a strong bond and ultimate talent, combined together all in one. Nate, a founder of MMP shares with us, “When one of us makes a move. We all know it’s the right move”.

It’s safe to say he’s right about that, with their hard work and dedication gained them an opportunity to perform alongside of  talented artist such as, Kid Ink and Nipsey Hussle, with many more to come. YKTS greed for attainment has never gone unnoticed. Capitalizing on their connection with fans in their city has been a key point in YKTS climb to success, now with screaming fans everywhere saying  their famous line “You know the Squad”

In this video, they appear to be having a good time-linking up and bringing their diverse sounds together giving us that local west coast hippie vibe with a dash of a up-beat east coast sound.

Check out “Fast Lane Cruisin” below:

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