[Phoenix,AZ] @JudgeDaBoss Louder Than Life/Sony Music Artist Debuts New Single “Hell Yeah”

Now let’s give a round of applause to this man, if you haven’t heard his name by now then catch up!

Grinding #HellYeah!

[Phoenix,AZ Artist] @judgedaboss has been anticipating the day when he can truly say he’s signed with a buzzing single out on the market and now he can! As he states, “It’s been a journey”, and which it has been showcasing his talent to elders in the game, getting that respect and maintaining a confidence that only a true artist has.

“Hell Yeah” the movement is now migrating globally, let’s just say loyal fans in Arizona and New York are not surprised to say the least. The time is finally here and this is just the beginning, fans and believers are now getting the track for them selves on Itunes, make sure you add it to your playlist!


Check It out below:


Leave insight below or tweet here: @useyourcache @judgedaboss


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