[Stream In] @RadioSupa Presents Guest Co-Host @useyourcache Aug 12th Don’t Miss The Talk On HipHop Lyrics And The Changes In HipHop [Call In]



Time:7pm to 9pm  When: August 12, 2014
Website or Map:
Event Type: radio, show
Organized By: TJ SupaHype

Live From The Fortress, Radio Supa “TJ” Presents Marketing/Branding Specialist “PR” Cache “CashMillian” Castelow to Co-Host Aug 12th.

Topic: Lyricist In HipHop

Hip Hop and music in general has changed, some say the change is bad others protest that it’s needed, what’s your view on HipHop and the change it’s made thus far? What captures your attention while listening to your favorite artist? Is it the dope lyrics, hot beat or maybe it could just be what that individual artist/group stands for! What’s your views on HipHop and has the rise of technology replaced lyricism? [Call In]

cachebeautyCache Castelow:  “New Media Renaissance Women”  Currently a Marketing Major  with concentration in Public Relations a young woman with a CEO mindset that has her own view on HIPHOP Evolution and Pop-Culture. She has the ability to expand a vision into a brand at one step at a time with her innovative ideas and self-starter attitude. Building her enterprise from the ground up, she is now establishing her brand #UseYourCache a company that inspires, build, and expand brands to the next level. . Come join her on one of the largest internet radio stations, “Radio Supa” brought to you live, from The Fortress.


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