[Exclusive] Welcome To HipHop:@useyourcache Illmatic @Nas Experience. Pt 1.

Welcome To HipHop: “The speakers ignited me with the presence of New York in a musically predicted story telling lifestyle.” – Cache C.
“When It’s real, you do this without a record deal.”- Illmatic

October 10 2014. Phoenix, AZ. Some say I just got welcomed into hip-hop, and they just may be right! “Straight out the dungeons of rap, fake n***as don’t make it back.”- Illmatic

Typical day, no signs to warn me, no artist to yield my interest. Who knew I’ll feel some sense of emotion, who knew I will be, “Welcomed Into Hip Hop”. I can admit this was the first time I heard what lyrics is all about. Nevertheless I wasn’t surprised my favorite artist is “Biggie Smalls” another New York native.

All this time I kept hearing about the hype over Nas album, Illmatic and then; I let my speakers play. Laptop overheating with many webpages up and an imaginative mind putting a vision with every song. That’s when I heard, “Life’s a b***h then you die”.  By then I snapped back into reality, adjusting my pupils out of my “NY State Of Mind”.

Climbing a lyrical climax as the jazz instrumental collides with my mental. Do I hear fireworks? No, it’s just Hip Hop venting through my pours opening up like a 24hr liquor store on a Saturday night.

“Welcome To Hip Hop”  “The world is yours!”- As my mind wander on gold ropes chains and door knocker ear rings. An era that one can not seize to imagine unless they were present. “It’s mine, It’s mine whose world is this?”

“I wear chains that excite the feds”.- Illmatic

This is not just a song it’s, “Half Time” the moment when he declared longevity in this game. I believe right then he knew Illmatic was going to be a movement.

Thank you for my Welcome To Hip Hop: Illmatic Nas Experience. Pt 1.


Would you like to tell us about your first time listening to Illmatic the album? Then contact us and we can make that happen.

Stay tuned for Pt. 2

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