[New Music Review] Bobby Shmurda Drops New Hit Single “Bobby Bitch” -@BobbyShmurdaGS9

    “Oh you ain’t know..”

bobby shmurda

Just when we were doing the “Shmoney Dance” from previous hit single, “Hot Nigga” Mr.Bobby Shmurda himself was in the studio working on his second single, “Bobby B**ch”.

 This New Age Hip Hop has definitely set the bar high for new upcoming artist. This complex hit single gives men and women a reason to vibe out, rather it’s “twerking” or just nodding your head to the beat. Here at “Cache Talks..” we are very excited to witness that Shmurda is far from a one hit wonder. However, is his hit singles becoming larger than himself? Hmmm..

#UseYourCache and listen to “Bobby Bitch” below, Remember, “You Are Your Brand”- Cache C.


Leave your insight on the video or tweet us what you think: @useyourcache @bobbyshumurdag69



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