[Video Review] Childish Gambino @donaldglover -Telegraph Ave (“Oakland” By Lloyd) Staring @JheneAiko


“And if I left you all alone would you still pick up the phone, it’s iffy you’ll miss me”

Finally another chemistry based video staring two very creative talents, Ms.Jhene Aiko, herself displayed her hippiesoul style and Mr.Storyteller Gambino showed us what unique really is, as they up the bar on music video production having some fun in the sun, or at lease we think!

Starting the video with Lloyd, “Oakland” smooth track as Childish Gambino and Jhene Aiko rides into the beautiful islands. Feeling good, looking good and exhaling fresh air into the hemisphere. Did they forget they were foreign in this exotic land? Stares after stares nevertheless they seem not to care because the beach is all they hear and the blunts are near. Gambino singing and dancing his tail away with the sound of the ever land as Jhene Aiko fall reluctantly to a mystic man. Just like a vacation everything has to come to an end.

“Listen to me, it’s not safe here” – Telegraph Ave

Put on your tunnel vision glasses and check it out below:

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