[Tucson,AZ] @cashlansky Visits @RadioSupa with Guest Co-Host PR Strategist Cache Talks SupaScoop, “Independent Days” and more via @useyourcache


Time: 7pm to 9pm
Website or Map:
Event Type: radio, show

“Live from the fortress, fortress, fortress”

Hit show after hit show TJ SupaHype, CEO of RadioSupa  a syndicated internet radio show located out of Phoenix, AZ. TJ always seems to amaze us viewers with his lively spirit bringing exclusive music guest through our airwaves. I had the pleasure to guest co-host RadioSupa for the second time, and what a great experience. Let’s just say this visit was surely different as I introduced the, “SupaScoop” to the show. A scoop that informs the most current events or news tailored for  that in particular week.

I was thrilled to present Tucson, Arizona artist Cash Lansky as we touched based on his upcoming EP “Independent days” also his music inspiration growing up, “I used to go to the studio with my cousin all the time and the way he put his words I was mesmerized by it.” states Cash Lansky. He later talks about the unity within the Tucson hip hop community.

In this interview we discovered a lot about new artist Cash Lansky and his craft listen below.

Make sure you check out @radiosupa every Tuesday night.

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