[UYCBusiness] @Billboard Unveils the “Maverick Managers” Set To Reinvent The Music Industry via @useyourcache

Lately inquiring minds have been bewildered with the direction of the music industry and the stance now. Then highlights the question of, “Is the music industry moving towards its full potential and how can the leaders help?”.

cover story

Guy Oseary is just the guy with all the answers as he opens his vault and digs out an untold potion that will leave the music industry in a winning battlefield and we have the formula here for you on “Cache Talks..”.


Bringing nine top managers to one place including himself known as the almighty Live Nation! Billboard describes it as, “most aggressive attempt to shake up an industry that has been plugging holes for years”. After disclosing this plentiful information these managers clearly has their hands full. Collectively overseeing top acts in the music industry such as: Madonna, U2, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj and over two dozen more of the worlds biggest stars, along with top-notch investments.

Can someone say ching ching!

Introducing the managers joining Oseary mastermind concept are:  Laffitte Management’s Ron Laffitte, I Am Other’s Caron Veazey, Blueprint Group’s Gee Roberson and Cortez Bryant, Reign Deer’s Larry Rudolph and Adam Leber, Quest Management’s Scott Rodger and Spalding Entertainment’s Clarence Spalding.


I believe this development is something that is truly needed within our music industry, music lovers and advocates like myself will be truly happy to witness such a moment that will not only fall subject to existing artist but as well as new artist coming into this here we like to call game and here at “Cache Talks..” we can only hope it goes well.


Will this bring Live Nation back to being a Powerhouse company and will the music industry stay in the loop above waters?

Leave your insight below or tweet us what you think: @useyourcache



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