[UYCBusiness] Founder Justus Olbert Makes History Launching The First Annual #AZHipHopFestival Supporting DJs, Artists, and more

One place. Three Stages. One Love, Hip Hop.
 Phoenix, AZ. Saturday, Oct. 18th. Indeed as we all know one of our favorite topics here on, “Cache Talks” is the evolution in music and where it’s gone thus far. Seamlessly Hip Hop has surely made a mark in Arizona as “Respect The Underground” founder, Justus S. Olbert collaborates with Comerica Theater to produce a monumental event that will hopefully be in the birth place of Phoenix,AZ for years to come. Flowing over 100 talented performers in one arena, dominating three stages throughout the night from the great times of 2pm to midnight presenting AZ Hip Hop Festival.

“Hip Hop we don’t stop”

That’s exactly what the Arizona patriots were thinking while walking into the AZHipHopFestival listening and viewing integrated sounds, backgrounds, and vendors reaching a high mass of people. The city and I was thrilled to witness such an amazing movement aspire collectively without any lousy behavior taking place. In fact there’s been a bit of ease knowing someone can hear the “AZ Hip Hop Cry” shall we say. More importantly taking a viral route of its own receiving praise from Phoenix New Times and via social media with popular hashtag #AZHipHopFestival bringing awareness to such an event. Not to mention a showcase of support from  talented DJs such as:DJ Marvel, Fact135, J20, SlopFunkDust, DJ Organic and more including the most popular DJ of the night, DJ JohnBlaze, as he captivated the crowd with his confident composure and updated sounds. Beautiful art displayed everywhere while entering the theater as well as coming out the speakers, let’s just say an artist became a fan favorite rapper that day.

” We really can stand on our two feet. We really can come together in peace and celebrate our infant culture that is so ready to hit puberty and blossom into something more. ” -Founder, Justus S. Olbert

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Look at some of the art that I thought was dope.

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