[UYCBusiness Video] @MonicaLewinsky Speaks Out at The Under30Summit: “It’s My Mission To End Cyber Bullying” via @useyourcache

“I have spent the past several years working so hard to just move on, and to try and build a life for myself.” -Monica Lewinsky


After a full decade of silence Monica Lewinsky breaks her silence with mission to end cyber bullying as she initiates a campaign to put shame on todays toxic culture of internet shamming. If you’re not too familiar with Monica Lewinsky now 41, lets just say she was apart one of the biggest if not biggest love scandal with no other than the former president Bill Clinton.

“I didn’t have any sexual relations with that women”- Bill Clinton

Making her appearance at 30 under 30 summit located in Philadelphia, speaking to over 1,000 well accomplished millennials. As she states, “There was no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram back then” and “The first person to have their reputation completely destroyed worldwide via the internet”. Then later she goes into her discovery of her true worth and what the public put her and her family through. Being that this was her first time speaking to a large crowd of people in 16 years she did a great job conveying her message, that even the most heartless person will feel terribly sorry for. Although, life goes on and with poor actions comes consequences and she sure paid hers after countless musicians, Tv programs and examples has been made about her in a rather negative light. Here on “Cache Talks..” we do not agree or side with any cheating scandals unless you’re Olivia Pope and even that’s a character. Needless to say no one should have to go through any form of bullying, so on that note I commend her for being brave enough to walk out on faith and live her life while standing strong for a justice that’s much-needed, Cyber Bullying. In the video below she shares her stories and trials and tribulations she’s had to over come.

Check It Out Below:

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Now this was a serious case of Crisis Management.

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