[DidYouKnow?] @Pharrell Is Set To Star In @CHANEL’s Upcoming Movie


All around punisher in the music industry now turned incredible fashion icon, Mr.Pharrell “Skateboard P” Williams  teams up with Chanel to create a mini movie directed by Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director for Chanel, Fendi and more.

Who would’ve thought?

Well, here on, “Cache Talks..”  we’re not surprised at all, I normally describe Pharrell jazzy style as originality meets sheik and creates a carefree look, and that’s Pharrell. Along side other amazing fashion stars such as, Cara Delevingne and Hudson Kroenig 6, as they all gear up to introduce their piece of work for the first time in Salzburg on December 2 at its  Metiers d’Art show which will later move to a different country every season.

Now this would be memorable!

Exchanging the fact that Pharrell has made history and still continues to grow within his brand reaching milestone after milestone we can expect to see much more from him. By the way I can just hear the lyrics, “Because I’m happy”   in my head now.  Well deserved Williams, well deserved.

Check out the first time he meets Cara Below

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