[UYCInterviewOfTheDay] @SteveStoute Formally Talks Advancing Brands, TV Propaganda and more with @thenewyorker At The New York Conference

“How do you protect yourself and your company against the rise of the next Steve Stoute?”- Kelefa Sanneh
steve stoute

Ground Breaking phenomenon Steve Stoute makes todays UYCInterviewOfTheDay, as he previously sits down with Kelefa Sanneh at the New York Conference in 2008. Kelefa properly introduced Stoute as having, “a string of success’ “.  Aside from making one of the largest movements, “The Tanning Of America” Stoute also is known to build long-lasting fortune 500 companies, and truly putting the heart into any brand for multiple artist such as: Nas, 50 Cent ,Jay Z and many more. In addition to his introductory Stoute speaks whole heartedly on the evolution of Marketing and Branding blending with today’s propaganda within media. As we all know propaganda is very instrumental in every aspect in life, like: Media, Politics, School Systems and more. Though this in particular video took place in 2008 Stoute mindset was very understanding to our culture and where he wants to see it go. Fast forward 6 years later, and I can say he may have predicted right, not sure about 100% but progression is being made.

steve stt

He later speaks on his current agency Translation which jump started by Stoute and Jay-Z  while giving the essentials that marketers need to bridge the gap between the communication and perception and how building your brand will help you in the long run. Hip Hop has always been that genre of music that’s ahead of the game, branding wise. Leading me to the question of, why is that? Surely without a blink of an eye I know exactly why, it’s longevity, it’s creativity, it’s an empire. From the hair being sold, to the apparel, beverages, to now even headphones! I see it as, the strongest brands will remain, and the weak ones…well we won’t know about them next year. Clearly Stout re define the “Hip Hop” statement and recite it as not being placed in a box, just aspiring to want better things in life, and I concur.  Here at “Cache Talks..” I strongly believe, not one individual brand should be categorized into a box, eventually that’ll place limits on the brand audience by suffocating its growth.

“The way we bridge that gap is by really being sensitive towards what the brand stands for, but still embracing this generation.”- Steve Stout

Stout speaks more on having the consumer best interest and if record labels are really needed.

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