South Take Over: @TIP “About The Money” ft @youngthug, Young Jezzy and Wayne (Remix) via- @useyourcache

“You can miss me with it.”- Tip

Money man T.I himself, is now celebrating his post Paperwork album, earlier this week after being asked the question that everyone’s been asking, “What is Young Thug really saying?” he then read off the lyrics and later announced to our people over at The Breakfast Club that there’s an awaiting remix to drop.

Who would’ve thought it will come so soon? The sooner the better right! Of course we have it here on “Cache Talks..” bringing a huge bang linking up with: Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and last but not least Young Jeezy to make a major remix.

Listen to the remix below:

#UseYourCache and leave your insight here: @useyourcache 


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