[New Music] @Drake Drops Not 1 But 3 Songs “6 God” “How Bout Now” and “Heat Of The Moment” via- @useyourcache

“I’m not new to this” – Drake


Let’s start off by saying happy belated birthday Drizzy, you just had to hit us with three new tracks back to back right? Well that’s what’s up the city sure has been missing your sound, but yet all of this commotion without any promotional tactics! #UseYourCache and give Drake around of applause leaving only one clue around for this musical surprise. By listening to all three of these songs provided I feel like we are expecting a more mature version of his latest album “Nothing Was The Same”  . Let me warn you these songs are destined to be hit after hit, so if you’re a hater listen with precaution. Now, normally I dislike when artist comes out with the same sound, song after song but Drake is like a master in his on mix, giving us that same sound we started to vibe with yet switching it up with more “IDGAF” lyrics, listen yourself.

 Check out below ALL three new joints:

#UseYourCache and leave your insight here: @useyourcache

Question: What Do You Think Of This New Track? Make sure you tweet in your answers.

“Who I am gonna be when it’s all over..” – Drake


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