[New Music] Murda Mook Drops Freestyle Over ‘6 God’ @MurdaMookez via- @useyourcache

“Stop lien ni**a you ain’t hit it..”- Murda Mook


Who ever said rap battle artists aren’t good rappers well you’ve just met your match, welcome Murda Mook who’s critically acclaimed to take over this “New Age Hip Hop”. Here on “Cache Talks..” we are actually really happy to see this sort of style come forefront. In addition to his New York swagger he’s bringing a lyrical massive attack to anybody who may think they have bars.

According to All HipHop this is one big subliminal for Drake, and by the looks of it who knows? Here on “Cache Talks..” we don’t get too much into all of that, but what I will say, a battle between Drake and Murda Mook will be the Hip Hop Takeover Highlight of 2014.

Think about it?

Listen below and make your own verdict:

#UseYourCache and leave your insight below or tweet here: @useyourcache


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