[DidYouKnow] @Beyonce First Bio Hits Stores in 2015 Written By J.Randy Taraborrelli @JRTaraborrelli -via @useyourcache

“I can’t think of a more intriguing subject than Beyoncé,” -Taraborrelli



The mystical, talented sensation Beyoncé Knowles Carter may be sharing more than we think. The untitled biography is set to be written by celebrity writer J. Randy Taraborrelli is predicted to make headlines. He sates, “Beyoncé has lived a most incredible, inspiring life. I know my readers will enjoy her journey,”. Is this the real deal? Taraborrelli will be retrieving the most realistic information from her close friends and family.

Aiming to release the untitled biography in 2015 announced by publisher Grand Central Books. Here on “Cache Talks..” we can only hope Taraborrelli conveys all of her accomplishments seeing how Mrs.Carter is an all around phenomenal spirit who carries the industry on her shoulders. This strong woman experienced it all from people talking maliciously about her dearest issues to her being named the most empowering woman in the industry. So young bucks out there, take notes!

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