[UYCBusiness] @DefJamRecords Teams With @RESPECTMAG and @iHeartRadio for ’30Days, 30DJs, 30Mixes’ Project

“RESPECT Magazine recognizes the rich history of Def Jam Records and the mighty influence it has had on Hip-Hop culture,” said Thomas.


 Def Jam continues to make history, after just celebrating its huge 30th year anniversary at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., which was a huge success, now introducing ’30Days,30DJs, and30Mixes’ on this past November 1st. Certainly with Def Jam’s well accomplished history this month will be one for the books. Def Jam was originally founded by Russell Simmons and Rick Ruben and since then

has evolved into an enormous platform that’s known for establishing many great careers, such as: LL Cool J, Nas, Jay-Z, and The Beastie Boys to name a few. Partnering with RESPECT Magazine and iHEART Radio for the  ’30Days, 30DJs, and 30Mixes’  event launched by Def Jam’s Chris Atlas,  Dana Kirk and RESPECT’s editor-in-chief Datwon Thomas . An organization only for the month on November gathering the top of the line DJ’s exchanging mixes from oldies to what’s in the loop to even some of this “New Age Hip Hop” giving a diverse audience something to vibe to. Each DJ will be revealed day by day, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. So far there’s been: DJ Tony Touch, DJ Scratch, DJ Big Jeff, DJ Jaycee and today’s DJ Boogie Blind.

Here on, “Cache Talks..” we applaud Def Jam for not only achieving 30 full years in the business but also maintaining an authentic Hip-Hop passageway for all artists rather new or established.

Come check out the mix and guess who’s next.

#UseYourCache and leave your insight below or tweet here: @UseYourCache


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