[Tempe, AZ] Kyle Gise Launches Revolutionized Culture Tour at Arizona State University

I want to bring awareness to the power of music, and culture.”-Kyle Gise


  1. Nov.2014, Will be a long lasting date set in memories , a day that diverse leaders of our Phoenix community united with ‘Strong Voices’ in the community to produce a deeper meaning of the word Evolution. The Revolutionized Culture Tour planted its first well accomplished event at the ASU Campus, the attendance included: ASU students Leaders, Activist, Artists, and a special panelist of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Djs with the great names of Jevin D.Hodge, DJ MJ,TrueFather, and Pokaface; moderated by Roq’y Tyraid showcasing his commentary skills as he engaged both the panelists and attendees. The event was  hosted by  AZEveything’s Country, and Louanna Faine.

The panel gripped various topics such as: Hip Hop to mainstream growth, economic minority views and finding solutions to integrate peace collectively while focusing on creating the next generation of leaders. The hashtag #WeRKlchr can be found on social media, a collective of artists, educators, students, activists using art for change.



The  Revolutionized Culture Tour is a foundation established by Kyle Gise, activist, RapRehab contributor, School of Hip Hop Phoenix affiliate and community enthusiast also well known as, the Multimedia Connector who seamlessly connects and create different opportunities for others in the creative industries. Kyle states, “I want to wake up the hip-hop generation through these events, the documentary, and the music project.” After launching his first event from his Revolutionized Culture Tour that will  overall include a documentary, and a global music project. Kyle warns us that this is just the beginning ,setting to resume the tour throughout the year of 2015. Tour stops hit all coasts from multiple cities including, Phoenix, Tucson, LosAngeles,  Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, Newark, NJ, Philly, NY, Atlanta, and more to be announced. Here on “Cache Talks.” we highly recommend for you to stop by an event or two and become enlighten on information, because you never know, your opinion or thoughts on a subject may just change someone’s life.


Here below is  my brief testimony on the event feel free to ask questions:


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My Experience: About Revolutionized Culture Tour


My experience was incredible! To be in a place with such dominant opinions with the likes of good music and worldly topics. Besides all the interesting viewpoints discussed listening to the  blend of music and poetry was one of my favorite moments as others  showcase their talent. I  then realized I didn’t have to look too far to network and socialize with fellow creative minds. Anyone will be thrilled to say they’ve attended a Revolutionized Culture event, I can’t wait for the next one, thank you Kyle! – Cache  Castelow PR Branding/Marketing Innovator






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