[FineBusinessWomenFriday] @BethannHardison Leads By Example In The Fashion Industry For ALL Women, Setting a Change for Black Models

#FineBusinessWoman Did That!


As every FineBusinessWoman knows fashion and style helps play a huge part in our everyday mood, rather we are casual or going on an interview, giving back to the community or heading to a Red Carpet event, we all like to feel and look comfortable. Women of Power Legacy Award Recipient, Fashion Guru, Model Activist Bethann Hardison surely can relate not only as a leading example and role models for women but also she’s one of the first black female model to model for such brands: Oscar de la Renta,Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis and more.

Since 1967 Hardison career has been plenty of hard work and dedication, holding the torch proudly for black supermodels to come after her. Later, Hardison transformed her career into not only being a fierce runway model but also managing successful careers like: Naomi Campbell, Iman, Tyson Beckford and more. Giving her an additional platform to showcase to her young models different runway fundamentals and educate them on their future within the modeling industry. Just like any FineBusinessWoman knows in any industry there can be multiple barriers to overcome and unfortunately lack of diversity plays a huge part in the modeling industry particularly the lack of African-American models and we ALL ask..why is that? Well, Bethann Hardison wants answers too! She states to Elle, “Many young women would love to understand what it was like back then, so I thought, I’ll dedicate myself to that.” Gearing to release ‘Invisible Beauty’ an ideal documentary placing a spotlight on diversity and how it should become more important in the fashion/model industry. Here on, “Cache Talks..”  we dearly appreciate everything Bethann Hardison has accomplished for equality in the Fashion Industry and definitely can’t wait to watch her new upcoming documentary.  




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