[FineBusinessWomenFriday] Ka’Million (@itskamillion) Releases New Track ‘Party Girls’ ft. Miss.Chee (@MissCheeMusic)

Road Trip Playlist for FineBusinessWomen…


A Triple Threat phenomenon is a description that barely describes Alja Ka’Million aka Ka’Million this superstar in the making is amazing in any production she is apart of.  Evolving over time she defines a Boss Woman, a Fine Business Woman with Style, Grace, and Boss like tendencies. Her incredible songwriting skills and go-getter attitude has gravitated many towards her work ethic, however she still seems to maintain her focused.

Teaming with first lady of no limit forever, Miss.Chee to produce hit record, ‘Party Girl’ a dope record that is in high demand in every radio station. “Talent comes and goes but this dynamic duo is here to stay” – Cache Talks. Here on “Cache Talks..” we have been following Ka’Million for sometime and I’m happy to see such talent blossom, I can guarantee her rap style and diverse persona is one to be honored in the industry.

Listen to the track below and add it to your playlist….FineBusinessWomen Music.

Leave your insight below or tweet us here: @useyourcache @itsKaMillion @MissChee


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