[FineBusinessWomenFriday] @Qiayz La Beatress Drops New Joint ‘Yaw Niggaz’

Road Trip Playlist for FineBusinessWomen…



“You lucky I ain’t say ya name, but don’t push me nigga”- Qiayz

She’s back at it again! Trailblazing Female MC,Qiayz has brought us yet another creative record displaying her multifaceted attributes bunched in one track and diverse sound releasing, ‘YawNiggaz’ a song that holds its own weight in a male dominated industry.

Qiayz has made it known once again in the state of Arizona that her lyrics can go against many and her package is one of a kind. Now it’s nothing like being on a road trip being able to not to just listen to a male dominated rapper but also being able to play female emcees who are legit in their field and let’s just say Qiayz is one of them. Don’t think we didn’t warn you here on “Cache Talks..”  for the major rap female takeover coming in 2015.

Check out ‘Yaw Niggaz’ below:


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