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[TheRealRead] BookOfTheMonth: Ch. 1 #HarvardBusinessReview On Managing Yourself: ft. @claychristensen -How Will You Measure Your Life?

Jewel Moment: Once in a while in our own lives we all wonder, hmm why am I in this spot in my life? Where would I be going next? We have three options: 1.Play the guilt shoulda, coulda, woulda game. 2.Rush time. 3. Leave everything in gods hands.

Ch1: How Will You Measure Your Life? Review, Author: Clayton M. Christensen

“I’ve thought about that a million times since. If I had been suckered into telling Andy Grove what he should think about the microprocessor business, I’d have been killed. But instead of telling him what to think, I taught him how to think- and then he reached what I felt was the correct decision on his own.” pg. 2 Christensen stated this in an opening passage describing a pivoting time in his life. This statement as I took it, sums up the idea of,’ Stand for Something or Fall for Anything’. Are you wishing or believing? The moment we stand for something can become not only challenging but a success moment in our lives. The big question is, can we stand for something without understanding what good management theory is, and how it’s built? Well, Christensen can sure tell us, “I attach different models or theories that helps students think about the various dimensions of general managers job in stimulating innovation and growth” pg. 2 I thought this above statement was pretty neat how he teaches his students at HBS to look in each companies position and how it professionally aligns with personal growth, he then proceed by answering and asking 3 Questions that’s helped birth him on his journey to success. Christensen shares these following questions with his students and examples he’s had in his life following chapter 1: How Will You Measure Your Life? pg. 1-12.
3 Questions:

  1. How can I be sure that I’ll be happy in my career?
  2. How can I be sure that my relationships with my spouse and my family become an enduring source of happiness?
  3. How can I live my life with integrity (not going to jail)?

Really broad questions right?! lol I thought so too, however all three questions seamlessly connects and make sense in everyday life. Hey, you may just be like myself and consider yourself a Renaissance woman? A ‘I Got This’ personality type of person? A gladiator!? I think you get it 🙂 but while doing all your “work” have you ever stop and thought, hmm I wonder is this for me? As Christensen will later touch base in the first question, ask yourself: Why am I still here doing my “work”? Am I allocating towards my ‘purpose’? Have I align my actions with my thoughts in the right direction? Christensen surely on answered all three questions in chapter 1: Harvard Business Review, below is the review:
3 Answers:

    1. Wait…before you doubt yourself and your career choice ask yourself one question? Why am I still here?! Now, if money is your answer and financial security is your only safety net in reciprocating the ‘passion’ you have for your job then YOUR HAPPINESS DOES NOT FOLLOW YOU(or at lease not in them double doors). Prime Example: Have you ever walked into your place of business with high self-esteem then walked out feeling low/drained and just down right unhappy? That’s okay your human and Yes, granted this may be the job of your dreams but yet it just may be the wrong direction, then that’s when one sit and ponder on life and ask question one. We all hope to leave work with a sense of accomplishment, but that same occupation or job you were once at can surely become a stepping stone in your life, a transitioning time. So never think it’s too late, Christensen answers the question by quoting Frederick Herzberg, stating, “..it’s the opportunity to learn, grow in responsibilities, contribute to others and be recognized for achievements.” pg.3

    2. “They didn’t keep the purpose of their lives front and center as they decided how to spend their time, talents, and energy.” pg.5 In life we all start out with one vision and if you don’t then I highly suggest you insert a vision in your life. A visual time capsule of events, plans, accomplishments, and plays that will help you maneuver to where you’re heading in life. (easier said then done, but possible) A vision gives us all one common denominator and that’s success and as we all know in order to gain success our time and effort has to be directed in the right direction but never once does fairy tales mention on the road to success there will be trials and tribulations: life will get in the way, views may change and reasoning may become different then what it previously was. Then we wake up and ask ourselves question two.As for myself I deeply agree with Christensen when he says, “having a clear purpose in my life has been essential.” pg. 5 I completely agree, in fact I started to revamp my organizing style, starting with my ‘Time Management'(3rd chapter y’all) because as we ALL know with no steady foundation there’s no well-rounded franchise. Ironically, life can become as complicated as we make it, every category in our lives must be tamed differently  i.e Family, Work, Church, Passion, Social Life and ect. “I promise my students if they take the time to figure out their life purpose they’ll look back on it as the most important thing they discovered at HBS.”- Christensen stated.

      Jewel Moment: Then I realized being fearless and awake plays a huge part in finding a purpose. That’s when I asked myself, hmm … What resources means the most to me in my life and is it in alignment with the purpose of my life.

      “Allocation choices can make your life turn out to be very different from what you intended.” pg. 7 In this chapter Christenson makes multiple points that can help one find balance in life pertaining to question 2. and how allocating our resources and what matters most to us predicts the meaningful source of our achievements and personal happiness. “People who are driven to excel have this unconscious propensity to underinvest in their families and over invest in their careers-even though intimate and loving relationships with their families are the most powerful and enduring source of happiness.” pg. 8

    3. Decisions Decisions Decisions, theory after theory, Life Experience or life Integrity or Both. Lastly that brings us to question three

While following our purpose not every step will be perfect, not every race will be timed, not everyone in the beginning of the race, made it to the end of the race. On our run to success or on the throne we all have, ‘YOLO’ moments, but how far does a ‘YOLO’ moment go? Does it align with your core integrity? No one is perfect but just as Christensen say, “The marginal cost of doing something wrong “just this once” always seems alluringly low.” pg 10 He then went into a prime example when he refused to go back on his principles “just once” while remaining true to his integrity and what he believed in. Everyone has different situations, different circumstances that’s why here on, “Cache Talks..” brought to you by the UYCNetwork this blog is for everyone so feel at home my fellow professional while reading these messages but ask yourself: Would you fall for anything based off royalty, riches, or excitement? Tricky question right? Or not so really just as Christensen says, “The lesson I learned from this is that it’s easier to hold to your principles 100% of the time than it is to hold to them 98% of the time.” pg.11

In life once we go through all the good and all the bad, one of many essentials to have on our journey is knowing the Importance of Humility: Being able to teach and learn at the same time with dignity and confidence. We all are different, on this world full of glory and sin, we all talk differently, sound differently, dress and stand differently ECT. but that is what mold us to who we are today.

Chapter 2: Managing Oneself pg. 13-32


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