[UYCInterview] @Thaahum Arizona Artist Stops By “Cache Talks..” Debuts New Single ‘Annakin’s Prayer Episode II: The Star Warrior ft. MeLa Machinko’,Future Projects, and More


What’s up Thaahum my fellow professional welcome to, “Cache Talks..” I’m glad we’re able to finally catch up!


Questions: CC Answers: Thaahum

CC: Not only are we able to catch up, I’m excited b/c you brought us a surprise… one of your recent hit singles, which I’ll get into in just a second. Do you mind introducing yourself to all the readers out there who aren’t too familiar with you yet?

Thaahum: Sure. I’m an indie HipHop artist based here in Arizona. I’ve been serious with my craft for about 15 years, and have had my music featured on different networks and projects like Showtime, VH1, and National Lampoons. Besides having my own solo tracks, I started the state’s first all conscious HipHop cypher video series called “The Arizona Inspiration on Fire Cypher” series. I did it as a means to give back, and showcase Arizona artists who choose to address social and political topics in many of their songs. See “Thaahum” is a word that means “intellect” and that is the element I chose to bring back in my creative projects .

CC: Okay so it all makes sense, the meaning to your name to the creativity to your sound. I enjoy indie artist making a way in the industry based off their definition of art. Speaking of art, Thaahum, I don’t know if it’s you or your team or whatever the case but I must say your music and graphics takes a mind of their own. Here in AZ there are a handful of artists with their own creativity. What sets you different from the rest?

Thaahum: I never want to be labeled as just another “conscious” artist so I not only challenge myself lyrically, but personally as well. I really try to examine my own life experiences, how I felt about certain things, and translate that lyrically. Then in order to relate to the masses even more, I chose really catchy beats to rhyme over. You mentioned the artwork too. That’s just one aspect of the whole package. Gratefully, I have a team of really good people who help bring it all together; producers, graphic designers, engineers, a web designer, music video director, and DJs who all contribute to the mission to make things move forward.

CC: I know that’s right! Plus it’s never good to place yourself in a box let alone if you have a true talent and I’m sure your new single (Play Showoff Casino ft. MeLa Machinko Annakin’s Prayer Episode II The Star Warrior) embodies all of that. I especially like how you incorporated a Star Wars theme that’s actually pretty dope and different, but before we get into the track tell us readers how did this track and the thought process came about?

Thaahum: Actually I never even intended on creating a song like this, it was divine how it came together. The lyrics themselves where bits and pieces of thoughts on my journal. I just wrote a few things after failed relationship attempts, friendships I thought would last that fell apart, and other experiences that put me in an emotionally low place. Putting the rhymes together became therapy for me. My producer Stix let me hear a beat where he replayed one of the Star Wars themes from the new trilogy and immediately some of the words I wrote came to me. The blend reminded me of a Jay Electronica song I heard some time ago called “Annakin’s Prayer,” and so I decided to make mine a sequel, and that is when “Annakin’s Prayer Episode II: The Star Warrior” was born. To add to the strength of the song, I was able to get MeLa Machinko to write and sing the chorus and bridge for the song, and my friend Mike Chav put a really ill mix on the track. To top that off DJ Les was able to add some dope scratches to the song as well

CC: So you basically put your foot in this track! Since you have a wide fan base, how’s your fans receiving “Annakin’s Prayer Episode II: The Star Warrior” ? and lastly should we be expecting any new collaborations or projects from you?

Thaahum: The song has been received really well…like wow! DJ Statik Selektah, who produced Eminem’s “DetroitDetroit vs Everybody,” and is also Joey Bad A$$’ DJ, featured the song on his website, and is showcased on his soundcloud now. That was an unexpected blessing that really propelled the song’s popularity. It’s been featured on DJ Absurd’s podcast out of Jersey, and featured on a lot of local radio shows too. I got to thank all the DJs who have supported the song and played it on their show. As an added bonus I’ll be releasing an exclusive mix of the song, and I am also working with director Negro Tarantino on a music video for the song as well.

CC: Oh that should be nice, I see you’re already gearing up for the remix! I can’t wait to check out the video, I know you may have something special up your sleeves. Before you head out of here is there something else you may want to tell the readers?

Thaahum: I also wanted to add, I need as many people to vote for the song by liking it on soundcloud. If I get enough votes I can win a collab. with Statik Selektah. So vote for me, and you may get to hear something dope and timeless from me and Statik!

CC: No problem, support is everything! Thank you for catching up with us here on, “Cache Talks..” Where Entrepreneurs get Inspired by Business Owners Through Music. Last but not least thank you to all the readers here only on, “Cache Talks..” Thaahum would you do the honors by introducing your new track?

Thaahum: check out my new song Annakin’s Prayer Episode II: The Star Warrior featuring MeLa Machinko, and thank you for having me on your blog Cache!

  • IG & Twitter: @thaahum

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