[DidYouKnow] Black History Month Daily Fact: Feb 3rd, Negro Baseball League Founded via @useyourcache


UseYourCache and take a moment of silence to congratulate our talented Negro National League, officially on this day, February 3rd year of 1920 there was a courageous group of men who took a stand for what they believed in. Although the baseball season only lasted for one full season, their acts convinced other states to take a stand for equality. Soon after the second league was formed in 1923 (Eastern Colored League) which led the Kansas City Monarchs to defeat the Philadelphia Hilldales in the first Colored World Series.


This month marks a special place in all of America hearts as we acknowledge our African-American Ancestors for their bravery, drive and dedication to make this world a better place. We’ve reached greater heights, broken records, and stood fearless throughout trials and tribulations. This month does not define us as a group of people or minorities this month glorifies our strengths, each and everyday located on #cachetalks you will receive a new Historical Black Month Fact. Contact me for any suggestions @useyourcache


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