[DidYouKnow] Black History Month Daily Fact: Feb 5th, ft. Mary McLeod Bethune via @useyourcache

Iconic educational leader, Mary McLeod Bethune thrived from helping others and educating the race. I first learned of Mary McLeod Bethune in the 5th grade, the year I first started to indulge more into African-American history. I was amazed by the philanthropy actions she took to better the minds of youth and women.

Mary Bethune believed education was a key to success and racial advancement. In fact in 1904 Ms. Bethune founded the Daytona Normal and Industrial for Negro Girls in Daytona, FL the capacity went from 5 girls to 250. She later expanded her enterprise in 1923 creating Cookman Institute for men. A place for negro kids to go to school and learn in peace. Shortly after emerging the two colleges she announced the Bethune Cookman College.

In the mist of being an angel for many minds she was also an activist, standing up for what she believed in, such as: being involved with the presidential government minority affairs as well as creating a foundation in 1935 taking charge for women of color, The National Council of Negro Women.

Here on, “cache Talks..” we honor her today, not only as one of the leading educators and activist but also her drive to never stop wanting more and creating more for black culture.

Before her passing on May 18 1955, Bethune penned, “My Last Will and Testament” among a list of her remarkable quotes here’s one of my favorites:

“I leave you a thirst for education. Knowledge is the prime need of the hour.” -Mary McLeod Bethune


This month marks a special place in all of America hearts as we acknowledge our African-American Ancestors for their bravery, drive a dedication to make this world a better place. We’ve reached greater heights, broken records, and stood fearless throughout trials and tribulations. This month does not define us as a group of people or minorities this month glorifies our strengths, each and everyday located on #cachetalks you will receive a new Historical Black Month Fact. Contact me for any suggestions @useyourcache


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