[DidYouKnow] Black History Month Daily Fact: Feb 8th, ft. Harry McAlpin via @useyourcache

 Record breaking historical accredited journalist, Harry McAlpin was the first African-American who broke the Press Corps Color Line. Former war correspondent and reporter for the National Negro Press Association and the Atlanta Daily World was especially invited to President Roosevelt Press Conference. Even while receiving plenty of slack he didn’t budge in fact, after the conference was over he spoke to no one else than President Roosevelt,

“Harry, I’m glad you are here.”

Thank You for paving a way!

This month marks a special place in all of America hearts as we acknowledge our African-American Ancestors for their bravery, drive and dedication to make this world a better place. We’ve reached greater heights, broken records, and stood fearless throughout trials and tribulations. This month does not define us as a group of people or minorities this month glorifies our strengths, each and everyday located on #cachetalks you will receive a new Historical Black Month Fact. Contact me for any suggestions @useyourcache


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