[DidYouKnow] Black History Month Daily Fact: Feb 10th, ft. Carolyn R Payton via @useyourcache

Carolyn R. Payton, first woman and first African-American to hold the position of director of the U.S Peace Corps. In 1977 President Carter appointed Payton her position as the director of U.S Peace Corps a volunteer program sponsored by the United States Government, a job that wasn’t given to may due to lack of opportunities for women and African-Americans. Carolyn Payton was also known as being the first psychologist to receive recognition in her position. Payton held much responsibilities overseeing over 63 countries and giving all woman more motivation to break barriers across the world!

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This month marks a special place in all of America hearts as we acknowledge our African-American Ancestors for their bravery, drive and dedication to make this world a better place. We’ve reached greater heights, broken records, and stood fearless throughout trials and tribulations. This month does not define us as a group of people or minorities this month glorifies our strengths, each and everyday located on #cachetalks you will receive a new Historical Black Month Fact. Contact me for any suggestions @useyourcache


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