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August Book Of The Month: On Managing Yourself

articles from Harvard Business Review

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What’s Up Professionals, FineBusinessWomen, and Creative Minds out there, we ALL have multiple characteristics in common but one of the main attributes that we can agree on is BETTERING OURSELVES, like who doesn’t want to do that?  I’m glad I’m able to express and summarize each book for you readers through multiple platforms seamlessly connecting people with a visual understanding. Hey, don’t get me wrong not everyone is right that’s why I want us ALL to insert our opinions and please feel free to leave ANY suggestions, i.e: Book Choice, Reading Format, or WHATEVER.

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Okay y’all so let me give you the run down on how I even came to purchase HBR’s 10 Must Reads: On Managing Yourself I was at the airport heading to Orlando,FL remind you since then I had not been on the plane for about a year, so when my ticket stated LAYOVER 2:55min I thought hmm.. I have a book this should be nothing. (lol) I totally forgot I had one of my favorite books with me and I finished that in NO TIME. So by time I reached Charlotte Airport (which is DOPE by the way) and got pretty comfortable at my terminal, I happen to slowly but SURELY lose patience. My glance then became a double take at my ticket that stated 2hr 55min LAYOVER. I’m like, what the!😠 .Originally I thought hmmm.. I should go get a magazine, plus airports have the best selection of magazines (in my opinion)! Suddenly I noticed a group of elite books all in their own section, I’m thinking wait..does that say “Harvard” oh wait..does that also say “On Managing Yourself” then I thought, this is for me! (The book selection was on point) Not to mention it was 15% off at the time, you can’t beat that. Though for some reason I knew I wanted to read the book badly but I also knew it had to be epic, especially with my ability to inspire others so I thought hmm..”Cache Talks..” duh! What other way for us to enjoy catapulting our minds in a world full of imagination and self management. So now we are here and I’m more than happy to start with our Real Read.

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